The Ultra Noodle Gravel Frameset


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Introducing the Ultra Noodle

The Ultra Noodle is Demon’s own interpretation of what an ideal all-road/gravel frameset should be; sourcing the best ingredients of traditional road bikes and blending them carefully with the finest ingredients of mountain bike design.

  • Flat bar specific geometry. You don’t need drop bars to go fast. There is a growing number of great flat bar designs that allow you to be both fast, comfortable and in control. A wide range of different bars with varying width, sweep and rise help to get your body into your ideal riding position with your hands and wrists at the most ergonomic angle. The top tube of the frame has been made longer to compensate for the reduction in reach when not using drop bars.
  • Designed for quill stems. Quill stems are elegant, versatile and allow you to change the height of your bars easily as your riding style changes or if you want to try out some different bars or simply compensate for reduced flexibility as you age. This is a bike for life.
  • Longer chain stays . They are more comfortable, it’s a fact.
  • Disc brakes. Consistent braking in all conditions with the added bonus of being super easy if swapping wheels around.
  • Lots of tyre clearance. Fit up to 56mm (2.2”) tyres. Float over gravel and crumbling pavement like you’re Aladdin on a magic carpet.
  • Modular dropouts. Future and retro – proof.

What is it not? It is not a mountain bike and should not be used as such. It is made to traverse a variety of terrain including rough tarmac, gravel and some singletrack but don’t go doing jumps and stuff, there are more suitable bikes for that. It is also not for heavy loaded-touring. A small to medium sized handlebar bag with a saddle bag and a frame bag? Yes, definitely. Front and rear panniers stuffed with all your camping gear? Not so much.


  • Reynolds 853 tubing
  • Extra Large, Large and Medium frames are designed for 700c/29” wheels. Size Small and Extra Small use 650b/27.5” wheels
  • Designed to fit 38mm (1.5”) to 56mm (2.2”) tyres. Larger tyres may fit depending on rim width and side knob design. You can obviously run smaller tyres but bigger tyres are lush.
  • Front dropouts 100mm x 15mm TA (1.5mm thread pitch)
  • Rear dropouts: as standard comes with 142mm x 12mm TA (1.5mm thread pitch) dropouts. Also available; 135 x 10mm QR dropouts or 135 x 10mm Horizontal dropouts for bolt on hubs, ideal for single speeding.
  • Made for 1X drivetrain
  • Post mount 160 front and rear disc brakes.
  • Two sets of bottle bosses on frame.
  • Eyelets for front and read mudguards.
  • Headset specification: [EC30/25.4|EC30/26] A.K.A a 1” threaded headset.
  • 68mm BSA bottom bracket
  • Seat post diameter: 27.2mm
  • Seat collar: 29.8mm (often denoted as 30.00mm)
  • Bronze welded contruction
  • Powder coated finish is a range of stock colours.



A SEAT TUBE LENGTH 500 530 560 590 620
B TOP TUBE LENGTH 545 570 595 620.5 645
C STACK 510 538.8 569 598 626.3
D REACH 387 403.5 419 436 452
E HEAD TUBE LENGTH 103.5 134 129.5 160.5 190.8
F FRONT CENTRE 610 637.5 665 692 718.5
G WHEELBASE 1051 1077 1119.5 1147 1173.5
H HEAD TUBE ANGLE 70˚ 70˚ 70˚ 70˚ 70˚
I SEAT TUBE ANGLE 73˚ 73˚ 73˚ 73˚ 73˚
J BB BROP 56 56 75 75 75
K CHAINSTAY LENGTH 448 448 465 465 465
L FORK LENGTH 385.5 385.5 404.5 404.5 404.5
M FORK RAKE 52 52 58 58 58
N TRAIL * 64.8 – 71.3 64.8 – 71.3 65.3 – 71.9 65.3 – 71.9 65.3 – 71.9
O STANDOVER HEIGHT 783 812 840 870 900
MIN. REC. PBH ** 793 822 850 880 910
REC SADDLE HEIGHT *** 690 – 750 710 – 780 740 – 805 770 – 835 800 – 865
WHEEL SIZE 650b/27.5” 650b/27.5” 700c/29” 700c/29” 700c/29”

All measurements in millimeters unless otherwise indicated.

* Trail figure increases as the tyre diameter increases from 38mm (1.5″) to 56mm (2.2″)

**  PBH = Pubic Bone Height. The minimum recommended PBH is based on an assembled bike running 700 x 56mm tyres. This allows for approximately 1″ of ‘crotch clearance’. You can subtract a bit from this figure if you are running smaller diameter tyres. For example, you can subtract approximately 18mm if running 700 x 38mm tyres.

*** Saddle height is measured from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the centre of the saddle. Please note that this is a recommendation and not a rule. Being slightly outside this range is absolutely fine.


Sizing recommendation:  

Measure your PBH and select the largest frame that you can straddle. This will allow you to experience the full benefits of the spacious cockpit, giving you the ideal riding position and ultimate comfort.Click here for instructions on how to measure your PBH. If you are still unsure of what size frame would suit you or you need further guidance then please send an email.



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