Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper

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Available in the following sizes: 58.5mm, 58.4mm, 58.3mm 58.0mm, 53mm and 51mm. Custom sizes are possible but not guaranteed and you may need to wait. Please send a message for custom size enquiries

These spectacular tampers are precision machined in small batches. With a weight of 1Kg it will make light work of all your coffee tamping needs. An angled foot avoids the suction effect sometimes found with larger, close fitting tampers. Unmistakably Demon, they blend art-deco, brutalism and industrial design to create something truly unique.

Please note: as much as it pains me to do this, there is a possibility that prices will change without warning. This is due to rapidly increasing prices of stainless steel.



DIMENSIONS: 90 x 58.5mm, 58.4mm, 58.3mm 58.0mm, 53mm and 51mm. Custom sizes upon request but not guaranteed.

1000g +/- A BIT


Additional information

Weight 1.265 kg
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 16 cm

58.7, 58.6, 58.5, 58.4, 58.3, 58, 54.5, 54, 53.4, 53, 51.5, 51, 50, 49.5

14 reviews for Stainless Steel Coffee Tamper

  1. Baris Balic

    This is a beautiful, hefty, piece of art with utility. I’m impressed by the precision and quality, which leaves it looking and feeling like something straight out of Alien or a similar Sci-Fi. It’s magnitude makes tamping a doddle, and I would go so far as to describe it as “majestic”.

  2. SteveP

    Impressive tamper. I ordered a 58mm for my ECM E61 machine and the fit is excellent. The weight makes consistent tamping simpler and it is a thing of beauty all by itself. Just be careful in the morning – or wear steel-toed slippers 🙂

  3. Henk Jan I.

    I was looking for a tamper to match a La Pavoni pre-Mill setup. Tom provided one at the exact size needed. It is heavy, which is ideal to replicate the puck-preparation. And did I say it looks awesome? It does!

  4. Tom @ Elysian Bike

    The finish on this thing is great! Not only can I tamp better than ever before, I can defend myself from a cranky, coffee-less significant other early in the morning. Thanks Tom, you saved my espresso and, most likely, my life!

  5. Andy King

    Love it, Love it, Love it! Exceptional quality and a delight to use. Tom is a master of his craft and a consummate professional!

  6. Luke

    Super high quality tamper, perfectly weighted and amazingly accurate, I ordered a 53mm and it weighed in at a hefty 840g, comparing it to the one that came stock with the machine is chalk and cheese, the thing is a work of art and the pride of my setup, Cheers Tom!

  7. DB

    Great tamper, as expected.

    58.4mm was well sized, 917g, and is a pleasure to use.

  8. Rodrigo Coelho

    Just received mine, an amazing piece of mechanical art! The overall design and hand fitting make it a blast to use. Along with our express machine and a well-roasted coffee, it is a must-have!

  9. Dan

    WOW. Let me repeat: WOW. I was blown away by the quality (and heft) of this tamper. I ordered the 58mm and it fits perfectly and precisely in our VST baskets. At over 2 lbs, it’s a substantial piece and adds a little ceremony to the task of tamping your espresso. Highly reccomend.

  10. Rik

    Fabulous as expected. Don’t drop it though as it’s your floor or your foot broken…
    Awesome product

  11. Patrick A.

    Lovely tamper! Heaviest and most solidly made one I have by far. Extremely precise (I went for 58.6mm) and sits pride of place in my espresso setup. Highly recommended, Thanks Tom!

  12. Yeonho Cho

    The tamper is amazing! It’s super accurate and the weight definitely helped when I am tamping my espresso puck. I highly recommend this tamper.

  13. Thomas J Hoeffel

    Wow. Even better in person! 920g of pure awesomeness (of course I had to weigh it;-). Thanks Tom!

  14. KSB

    Fantastic piece! Unparalleled build, as one would expect from Tom. Gotta love the brutalist charm. Thanks for upping our espresso aesthetic!

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