Stainless Steel Lowball DUE DECEMBER

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These ridiculously epic lowballs, AKA old-fashioned or rocks-glasses, are precision machined in small batches from 4Kg billets of stainless steel. They hold 200ml or 7 fl oz (6.75 US fl oz) and weigh 800 grams. Unmistakably Demon, they blend art-deco, brutalism and industrial design to create something truly unique, The signature slotted sides make them beautifully tactile in the hand and provide unrivaled visual awesomeness. Once filled with your drink of choice they’re a feast for the senses and will guarantee an air of ceremony every time you use them.
Pro tip; put them in the freezer for 10-20 minutes before using them, then you won’t need any ice… but don’t leave them in there too long as you might get your lip stuck!

Please note: as much as it pains me to do this, there is a possibility that prices will change without warning. This is due to rapidly increasing prices of stainless steel.

If you would like to buy a single lowball, simply select ‘single’ from the drop down menu. Likewise for a pair, select ‘pair’. If you would like to buy four then order two pairs, for six you need to order three pairs and so on. A set of four or more will be sent in separate packages of two as the shipping cost is lower.






Material: 304 stainless steel.

Capacity: 200ml, 7fl oz (6.75fl oz US)

Weight: 800g

Additional information

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


12 reviews for Stainless Steel Lowball DUE DECEMBER

  1. Sterling

    You already know what it looks like, and you’ve read that it’s heavy – but none of that does it justice. For something so brutal it is incredibly refined, and the interior of the vessel and perfect taper of the rim make it something you’ll truly want to use.

  2. Peter

    My third purchase from Mr Demon. Stoked on these brutalist low balls. Crush your coffee table, smash your crockery, these things are burly and beautiful.

  3. Evan

    These lowball glasses are absolute tanks! They’re beautiful to look at, feel great in the hand, and are perfect for your favorite cocktail. So nice you’ll want to keep them on display rather than in the cupboard. Highly recommend!

  4. Jasper

    This is everything it promises to be; it’s a big, heavy chunk of metal with a hole in for your drink. Absolutely lovely to hold, and the lip is a brilliant width to drink out of. So many cups/beakers/tumblers get that wrong. Absolutely no regrets on this one – great purchase.

  5. Dmitry

    These lowballs are simply stunning! Nothing feels like holding them and realising it’s a jar. Super brutal yet so aesthetically refined. Got to get a set of this series, at least two of each. Thanks Tom!

  6. Simon

    Every bit as lovely as you’d hope – and then some!

  7. Rik

    Absolutely awesome! Fabulous glass and top notch machining skills as you would expect.
    So, so heavy, you get a work out while drinking your whisky :0)

  8. Steve A

    When form meets function… this is is what you get! This has become my go-to bourbon drinking vessel. Whether you like your whiskey on the rocks…or an Old Fashioned like me…you won’t find a better glass to drink from. It’s so well made and looks INCREDIBLE…I will probably end up with quite a few just as long as they continue to be made. Demon killed it with this one!

  9. Russ

    If you are reading this review , buy one . It’s a piece of art , beautifully machined and just god damn sexy.

  10. Zack

    One of the most unique products I’ve ever owned. My god they are heavy. The craftsmanship is fantastic, they’re an absolute work of art. If this is the quality of a whisky glass – then I would love to own an entire bike!

  11. Richard

    Built to the exacting Demon standards!

  12. Pete

    This is a really stunningly made bit of kit. Perfect symmetry. Great heft to it. The grooves add a bit of grip which is good considering how heavy it it. The thermal mass of the object means it seems to keep flat whites hot, and chilled drinks cold. Might need another…

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